Finding Your "Everyday Win"

Maura thought I needed some flair as we did the dishes this morning.

Maura thought I needed some flair as we did the dishes this morning.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

By: Patrick

Reflection Time:

I’m thankful for a great conversation that I had this week. It was actually part of a national study about Dad support groups and my perspective of spending most of my time lately as an at-home dad. It’s really interesting how as you answer questions about your everyday life, you start to discover how rich and full your days really are. Usually a typical day at home with Maura feels routine – wake up, eat, play, lunch, nap, play, dinner, bedtime. Talking deeply about my experiences with Kim (the woman conducting the study), I found that my days are so much fuller than that.

It’s funny how we make discoveries about our everyday lives mostly by talking to others. We seem to need to be prompted to delve deeper into our day-to-day activities. In doing so, we find that our lives are a lot richer, more complex and unique than we give ourselves credit. And I love that! I love that we make we don’t make these discoveries in a vacuum. We find out more about ourselves as we share our experiences. And sometimes it’s the other person who discovers It for us. Maybe we need another pair of eyes on our lives to help us see that what we do is a lot more interesting than we allow ourselves to accept.  

So talking with Kim on the phone helped me identify what I call my “Everday Win” – A win that I know I will have every day no matter how horrible things might go or how shitty things might seem. My Everyday Win is the goodnight kiss I get from Maura at bedtime. The moment I get to send her to bed after a long day is my pat on the back. I know I kept her safe all day, I feel her love for me, and I can fiiiiinally relax, haha!

I encourage you to find your Everyday Win. Think back over your day, find that kernel of joy and know that you can always hold onto that.



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