Productive Habits: Chapter 1

By: Lisa

I am an extrovert who works from home and at odd hours. It can be a bit lonely at times, so I find myself clinging to social media - commenting on stories, messaging people, refreshing my feed to look at the two new posts that have popped up…

giphy (6).gif

It’s not GREAT for focus and productivity, which I truly need right now. Presently, I am memorizing at 65 page script and I’d say that I am in 58 of those pages. I’ve leveled up from the Plucky Friend to Leading Lady (a role I have been transitioning to in my real life as well) which demands more time and energy. I’ve been longing for a more structured and productive work day, and as my own boss, I am the one that must put these practices in place.

Step 1: Social Media Detox

Starting today, I am going on a social media cleanse. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even LinkedIn (that’s usually out of desperation) for the next week. My hope is that, after the week is through, I will get myself on track with a new practice: to only be on social media for one block of time in a day.

Social media is my job - I create strategies for brands, build content, etc. It is VERY easy to burn out. My goal is to put in quality time and be very intentional with the effort I am putting forth. This mentality doesn’t limit itself to social, but when your job and play-time distractions blur together, structure is a must.

Over the coming months, I will be chipping away at new thoughtful/productive habits that will keep me mentally healthy as I keep momentum going in my career. From creating a work sanctuary to workflow tips, I’ll be keeping you posted and offering up what has and hasn’t worked for me thus far. I’m all about working smarter, not harder.

Let’s find these things together. What are some daily practices/habits that help with your productivity? What deters you from getting your work done that you’d like to eliminate? Comment below and start a conversation.

Let’s get to work.

xoxo, Lisa